Veggie Egg Roll (4pcs) | 6

Cream Cheese Wonton (5pcs) |5.5  Fried Wonton stuffed w/cream cheese and imitation crab

Fried Silky Tofu | 6  Deep Fried egg tofu w/ sweet sour sauce

Fresh Garden Roll Choice of Avocado |6 Tofu or Chicken |7 Shrimp | 8  Fresh rice paper wrap w/ vegetables, vermicelli noodles

Roti Curry Dip  |  6  Grilled Flat bread served w/ yellow curry dipping sauce

Chicken Satay * |  7.5  Marinated grilled chicken on the skewer w/ peanut sauce and cucumber salad

Garlic Chicken Wings (6pcs)  |  7  Deep fried wings marinated w/ black pepper garlic sauce

Sesame Shrimp (7pcs)  |  9  Deep fried shrimp w/ white sesame seed served w/ sweet and sour sauce

Fried Calamari *  |  9  Deep Fried breaded calamari served w/ spicy sweet sauce

*Contained Peanut